Meal times with Virtue Health Services

Ashdale House - kitchen/diner

Nutrition and hydration play a big part in our everyday life – but for individuals living in care; they may not always think when is the best time to eat, or what meals should be made for full nourishment. 

At Virtue Health Services, we don’t enforce specific meal times; we encourage our guests to understand roughly what time they should eat their three meals of the day. For example – not eating their evening meal just before bedtime. 

As we aim to develop personal skills and knowledge within our guests, we ensure everyone is in the loop about meal times. 

What’s on the menu?

Each week, our guests are able to work with their care team to plan meals for the week. Doing this, we can ensure we’re keeping a watchful eye over the foods consumed to ensure their diet is balanced well enough according to their personal needs. 

Guests will also accompany care teams to the local supermarket – or organise an online shop – so they’re involved in the purchasing and unpacking of their own foods. 

As our care facilities are small, 2-bedroomed homes; our guests are encouraged to plan meals together and share their ideas for their weekly menu, to further develop social skills and open up a new area of flavour. 

Eating foods the right way

Some guests cannot eat solid foods and so have to manage a modified diet. Many individuals living with a modified diet, have to endure pureed food – often not of their own choice – as there isn’t much else available. 

We take a different approach. 

For any guests who live with choke or swallowing issues; our teams are equipped to create food moulds. Blending recipes into a pureed consistency, the liquid is then set within a food mould which represents the meal. For example, a fish meal would be set within a fish mould. 

Not only does the food look more appealing when ready to eat, but the guest will also recognise what they’re eating and take more enjoyment from their meal. Additionally, this will maintain their dignity, by enabling them to feel as though they are eating a solid meal. 

Taking an expert approach

Any preferences, dietary requirements and other valuable information surrounding meal times are recorded in the guests care plan; which are often reviewed to ensure any changes are noted. Whatever the needs of our guests, we will go above and beyond to make sure they’re met – everyone should enjoy their meal time. 

At Virtue Health Services we equip individuals with the confidence and skills to develop an identity within their community, make their own decisions and live the best version of their life. With a focus on rehabilitation into a more independent life, we still provide the much required care and support. So, even if individuals cannot live without some form of care and support, they are still more independent than they perhaps thought achievable.

Our dedicated team works with individuals and families to develop goals and support them to maintain and develop their skills, transitioning along a pathway towards independence. Make a referral today.