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There are many different reasons for individuals living within a care setting; some due to behaviours of concern, some due to severe learning difficulties, and some simply cannot care for themselves at a certain moment in time.

At Virtue Health Services, we have been working with our guests, to unlock the key to their future. While they live in our care, it is important for them to still live as independently as possible and receive new opportunities to further develop their skills.

Developing a new activity style

One guest living with us, in Community Pathway Ashdale House, developed certain complex needs as a child, and was left without professional care and support once he turned eighteen. Since living with us, his social skills have developed enormously, and his family have commented on the changes they have seen in his happiness and character.

Head of Development and Commissioning, Karen, says: “Because of our guests’ history growing up, there is a lot he has missed out on, or hasn’t been able to quite understand like you or I. We’ve introduced new activity styles such as easy-reading and looking after your own home, to encourage him to understand he can take care of himself to a certain degree and keep his independence.”

Easy-reading is where text is put together in an accessible way – an easy to understand way. For people living with learning difficulties, or conditions which may affect how they can process certain information, the text is broken down into short sentences, often with the use of images to aid learning.

While activities may strike many as going outdoors for exercise or arts and crafts, we want to enable our guests with the opportunity for so much more.

Going one step further

Although some individuals living within care may not get to return to their home, our guests will one day be ready to transition to more independent living – whether that is a home for themselves or supported living.

With this in mind, our guests have been eager to learn more about running your own home – which includes budgeting, different types of bills and setting up your own home.

“Although one guest said he would be happy with just his TV, bed and Xbox, we needed him to understand that actually you need electricity for these things, you need a fridge, food, crockery and cutlery for example. It’s been very interesting to delve into this subject with both guests and to observe how they develop new ideas based on the things we are discussing or they are reading,” says Karen.

At Virtue Health Services we equip individuals with the confidence and skills to develop an identity within their community, make their own decisions and live the best version of their life. With a focus on rehabilitation into a more independent life, we still provide the much-required care and support. So, even if individuals cannot live without some form of care and support, they are still more independent than they perhaps thought achievable.

Our dedicated team works with individuals and families to develop goals and support them to maintain and develop their skills, transitioning along a pathway towards independence. Make a referral today.