Oakdale House is the second home in the first phase of Community Pathways, from Virtue Health Services. 

A slightly larger property than Ashdale House, and featuring a bigger garden, Oakdale House will become The Hub for the Community Pathways - where in time, we hope to offer an activities hub where guests will have the option to gather and enjoy activities or develop skills together, forming a small neighbourhood. 

Set at the heart of the community in Balby, Doncaster - and just around the corner from Ashdale House - Oakdale House will provide bespoke care for two adults living with complex needs. 

Oakdale House provides a complete care package to individuals who:

  • Are within the age groups of 14-17 and 18-65
  • Do not require a large nursing facility 
  • Live with diagnosis’s such as autism, learning disabilities or severe mental health needs
  • Are looking to live a more independent lifestyle