"Virtue Health Services have been fantastic, and absolutely instrumental in supporting this young person to feel safe, and cared for. The staff are experienced, and quickly understood the young person’s needs, which in turn positively impacted on their emotional health, and behaviour. Virtue’s multi-agency communication is exemplary, ensuring lead professionals feel confident in care plans in place.

The properties themselves are decorated, and maintained to a high standard so residents feel comfortable and at home. They’ve supported residents to develop positive community links, with a focus on developing skills for the future. The staff are confident in understanding, and managing risk to self and others, and have been an integral part of the MDT around the young person. I’d highly recommend Virtue Health Care, they are without a doubt one of the best providers I have worked with."

Social Worker, DCST

“I have always found working with Virtue Health Services to be a pleasure, they provide an inclusive service which captures the young person voice at the centre of their planning, their placements are always designed to a high standard and kept to presentable level. I have always found the service to responsive and transparent in all their findings, I would recommend this provider.”

Quality Assurance Officer, Doncaster



"Since the young person moved to Virtue Health Services, I have been pleased with the support and care that they have received from all members of staff. I have been impressed with the good communication which has meant I have been kept up to date at all times with anything that needs to be passed on. There are good policies and procedures in place and compared to other residential units where I have young people placed, Virtue have always been proactive in keeping me updated as quickly as possible. 

The team have engaged very well with the guest, treating them with respect and accepting them for the person they are. I am also pleased with the level of support with his education, and allowing his social time to be managed well. Staff are always friendly and welcoming and I feel safe coming to placement as you are dealing with COVID protocols in an effective way.

I feel the reason that this young person has settled so well is down the positive way that the whole staff team have engaged."

Social Worker, DCST


"I have been impressed with the high quality service offered to a young male resident with very complex needs. The staff team show care and compassion in their interactions with their clients and have responded in a calm and measured manner to any difficulties that have arisen. The management team maintain excellent channels of communication with the professional network which has had a positive impact on the outcomes for this young person and has helped to ensure that his support is consistent and well-coordinated."

Voluntary Sector Service Manager, Rotherham