Karen Stanley, Operations Director

Karen Stanley is an experienced care industry professional, skilled in developing and delivering services from site and land acquisition to CQC registration and commissioning. Beginning her career in care as a Project Manager for the local authority in Modernisation and Policy, Karen moved into private healthcare as a Business Service Manager within Exemplar Health Care. Karen has also managed social enterprises for people with learning disabilities with the National Skills Academy for Health in Doncaster.

At Virtue Health Services, Karen brings her extensive experience, people management skills and dedication to care for individuals with complex disabilities to develop community services that make a difference.

“For me, it’s about giving individuals the opportunity to live a dignified life of their choice. I’ve worked in care for over a decade, and while I’ve seen great examples of care that’s changed lives, I’ve also seen care that doesn’t treat people as individuals.

Virtue Community Pathways are the opposite of traditional, institutionalised care where people’s lives are restricted around the needs of a big organisation. Virtue’s modern, community homes support people to live a full and happy life within a support structure that restores their choice and independence.”

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Email: karen@virtuehealthservicesltd.co.uk | LinkedIn: Karen Stanley | Phone: 01302 244490

Scott Snowden, Director

Scott Snowden, Director

With over two decades of experience in building, joinery and project management, Scott Snowden worked with large construction companies including Mears Group PLC and Wates Group before setting up Constructa Services. Providing construction and maintenance services for domestic clients and healthcare organisations across Yorkshire, Constructa’s reputation in the region for high-quality services puts them as provider of choice for organisations including Housing 21, Exemplar Health Care, TrustCare and Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust.

The development of Virtue Health Services as a sister company to Constructa combines Scott’s knowledge and skills of health and social care construction with the opportunity to develop new services shaped around individual needs.

“Virtue Health Services is our opportunity to develop community support services that fit the needs of the region. We have extensive experience developing services within the health and social care sector and outstanding knowledge of the local area, ensuring we can be agile and responsive to the needs of local care commissioners.

Virtue Communities provide care that’s right for individuals in South Yorkshire who live with complex needs, in homes where people are proud to live. I am proud to create homes for individuals which give them the chance to live normal lives, whatever health care needs they might have.”

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Email: scott@virtuehealthservicesltd.co.uk | LinkedIn: Scott Snowden | Phone: 01302 244490

Jade Turner, Business Support Manager

Jade has worked within the care sector for roughly 4 years, supporting and assisting senior members of staff and managing her own sub-projects in the development and commissioning of large care homes as well smaller community residential services to provide care to those with complex needs. At Virtue Health Services, Jade works alongside Karen and Scott to bring new services to the community pathways as well as supporting the staff and guests in our current homes.

“I love to be a part of the process of planning and creating environments for individuals who require additional support, it is so rewarding to see people enjoying their lives in a lovely home where they are able to build positive relationships and to feel happy, supported and valued as a member of the community. 

Virtue community pathways offer such a personalised approach to each individual in their care, the team works together in all areas of the organisation to ensure the guests receive the right support to meet their needs on a daily basis."

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Email: jade@virtuehealthservicesltd.co.uk | LinkedIn: Jade Turner | Phone: 01302 244490

Anthony Nawn, Deputy Manager

Anthony has joined Virtue Health Services with over 12 years experience in roles within the care industry, and has built his experience in both frontline hands on care roles as well as leading and managing a team, he is also a fully qualified Nurse Practitioner so brings a great deal of clinical knowledge to Virtue! Based within our community pathways, Anthony provides guidance and support to both our staff team and our guests on a daily basis.

"There are many reasons why I wanted to work in this type of setting, but one of the most important factors for me is that we value the importance of providing care and support for our guests, so they are able to feel a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose and to feel they are fully supported by our provision. 

I am passionate about creating a community in which people grow and develop together, where they feel heard, respected and that they are understood. Our work also supports the wider community to challenge their views around acceptance, understanding and the integration of others, no matter their individual differences. I am proud I can help to create opportunities and provide options to people who previously may have felt limited and without choice. 

I am a huge supporter of social justice, in order to implement this I believe we need to be open in our discussions and actions to ensure that people are accepted and respected and their voices are heard."

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Email: anthony@virtuehealthservicesltd.co.uk | LinkedIn: Anthony Nawn | Phone: 01302 917330