Ashdale House is the first home in the first phase of Community Pathways, from Virtue Health Services. 

The two-bedroomed property has been developed to an extremely high standard of comfort and living, with assistive technology in place, to ensure our guests feel comfortable within their home. 

Previously a 3-bedroomed house, the property has been renovated inside to now feature two spacious bedrooms - complete with en-suite bathrooms - a communal lounge area, a large kitchen-diner, a visitors and staff bathroom, as well as a low-maintenance garden.

Set at the heart of the community in Balby, Doncaster - Ashdale House will provide bespoke care for two adults living with complex needs. 

Having worked with local social workers and commissioners, Ashdale House has been shaped to provide a complete care package to individuals who:

  • Are within the age groups of 14-17 and 18-65
  • Don’t require a large nursing facility 
  • Live with autism, learning disabilities or severe mental health needs
  • Are looking to live a more independent lifestyle

We offer transitions from nursing care, into a more homely environment. A Community Pathway such as Ashdale House will provide the complex care required for individuals, whilst steadily reintroducing them back into their community.

Often a big step from nursing care environments, back into society, our Community Pathway model helps to restore and redevelop the skills to enable individuals to live more independently. 

Our dedicated team works with individuals and families to develop goals and support their transition along a pathway towards independence. Make a referral today