Staff Training – NAPPI UK

At the end of last month, our fabulous staff team #teamvirtue were busy completing their NAPPI UK training, which encourages a positive behaviour support model and learns the skills and knowledge of the best methods and techniques to successfully redirect and de-escalate behaviour’s of concern throughout our services.

Our staff spent time with the fantastic NAPPI trainer Emma, who delivered both remote and practical training across a week to bring our knowledge up to date. NAPPI training is considered particularly effective for all learning styles and is evaluated most positively at all levels. Participants directly benefit from the training experience but also highlight how training will change their own behaviour back in the workplace. Organisations are able to reflect on the changes that NAPPI training has influenced over the years and report very strongly on the return of their investment.

Here at Virtue we are always looking for the most suitable training to develop our staff team’s skills and knowledge, and give them the opportunity to grow in their careers whilst enhancing the service provided to our Guests, and their quality of life.

We had great feedback following the training, and we feel confident are well equipped to respond efficiently in situations which may be challenging.




Thank you NAPPI UK!